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We will create and send out the newsletter for you!

Reduce costs and improve efficiency by outsourcing your complete email marketing to us!

“Is this for me?”

If you don’t have an email marketing manager, your newsletters aren’t effective, or you just don’t have time to bother with it, you can outsource this task to professionals who can do it CHEAPER, FASTER and MORE PROFESSIONALLY.

What do you gain from outsourcing?

You don’t have to worry and spend time doing something that others can do with the right software and expertise ten times faster.

An effective email marketing campaign requires hours of time and it is important to be proficient in copywriting, design HTML/CSS programming, analytics, A/B testing, deliverability and marketing automation.

You don’t have to worry about who and when will send the newsletter and whether it’s going to be effective. We love email marketing and we love to help. You’ll be in good hands!

By using professional campaign strategies, you not only can save money, but also generate new revenue.

You will have a dedicated contact who is also going to be your email marketing manager. And the processes couldn’t be simpler! We have thought of everything!

Our service operates almost entirely online, semi-automated, so it’s simple, accurate and fast.

Our customers said:

“With the help of Resend, we have increased efficiency in direct email campaigns and email marketing automation processes. They perform tasks quickly and precisely, reduce my costs with their innovative ideas and generate new revenue.”

Réti Péter

“I don’t even have to think about email marketing! They do everything for us professionally, they are fast, accurate and enhance our marketing with new ideas. I’m glad found them! “

Dr. Piczkó Katalin

“I could create the newsletter on my own, but I can’t keep up with the professional innovations anymore. It’s good to have a company that handles the tasks related to email marketing for me. A Resend employee is like a marketer of my own. “

Dr. Kulcsár Zoltán
Adatvédelmi szakértő

Ordering is simple

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After contacting us, we will send you our questions and we can discuss how we will work together.

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Request a 7-day trial period during which we will create and send out a newsletter to the address list you provide.

Send materials!

After signing the contract, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to send us materials.

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Send us the content of the email (text and images), if you don’t have it, we will write it for you. We will prepare three sample newsletters, fine tune them and send them to the test email list you provided.