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HubSpot for me

"As a B2B company, I want to automate sales and marketing processes with an integrated CRM platform!"

Sounds familiar?

  • We do not know what content the potential customers receive, what they view on our website, how much and what e-mail communication there were, what they downloaded from the website, which webinars they attended and so on.
  • The marketing struggles to bring new leads.
  • There is often a loss of information between marketing and sales
  • The marketing and the sales division is not sufficiently organized and planned
  • We often don’t know that our sales are which stage on with a potential lead
  • We also have difficulty setting up simple email series or timed reminders
  • It is very difficult to see through the information about the leads because they come from different sources (spreadsheet, mailer clients, newsletter software).
The reason for all this is that the business process is now decentralized, because the company uses more than one software to handle data.
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Decentralized platform

Using different software for everything

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What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a CRM that goes far beyond customer relationship management. It is based on an easy-to-use CRM, which is complemented by marketing and sales automation and the customer service module.

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Email, landing pages, chat, forms, automations, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google Ads integration.

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A modern sales system tailored for small sales teams, with many aids that you will love.

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Customer service

Simple customer contact system to ensure all questions are answered

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Content Management System for managing simpler websites and blogs

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10 dashboards, 10 reports per dashboard can meet the post-evaluation needs of most of us

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Explore the HubSpot App Marketplace and connect your HubSpot account to hundreds of popular business apps

Have we convinced you? Make an appointment and let's talk about the details

How can we help?

Resend Agency is a small HubSpot Provider, marketing and sales automation agency with clients worldwide.
  • HubSpot implementation

    As a HubSpot Solution Provider, we are implementing the HubSpot Starter CRM Suite version, providing onboarding and training, consulting and support. We even undertake these services individually, according to the needs of the partner.

  • In-house trainings

    We hold in-house trainings in inbound marketing, marketing and sales automation, CRM, LinkedIn automation and general digital marketing. We deliver the training in person or online.

  • Consulting

     We provide professional advice in the field of inbound marketing, CRM and marketing automation systems, lead management and other digital marketing topics.

HubSpot Solution Provider

Resend Agency is a qualified HubSpot Solution Provider.

Since every company has different needs, we provide company-tailored offers for the implementation and operation of HubSpot.

Our team of HubSpot-certified experts can help you develop sales and marketing strategies on one of the world's most powerful software platforms.

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Choose your plan

HubSpot can be ordered from a price of up to 50 EUR/month. We provide assistance with onboarding and operation.



Implementation of the fixed-fee HubSpot Starter system, which can be paid in up to 2 instalments. We finish implementation "ready to use", with all necessary settings.

  • System setup
  • Importing database
  • 2 email, 2 landing and 2 form templates
  • 2 form with automation
  • 2-day training

2.200 EUR



HubSpot consulting and support is best suited to those who can implement the HubSpot system on their own and who sometimes need help.

  • Weekly in-person meeting
  • Availability 8am-6pm GMT+2
  • Mediation with HubSpot support
  • In Hungarian, English, Serbian and Croatian languages
  • By phone, in person or online

From 70 EUR/hour



We hold internal, small group trainings on HubSpot in marketing and sales automation and inbound marketing topics, for which we calculate a unique fee.

  • In-person or online
  • Digital training materials
  • Access to e-learning
  • In special cases, a HubSpot rep can give a presentation

From 1.000 EUR/day


  • What is a “marketing system”?

    In lead generation, due to the specifics of the market, the use of all marketing tools does not make sense or is not cost-effective at all. Our experience shows that certain channels, tools and processes produce excellent results, while others do not at all. That is why we build a system for our clients and do not (just) advertise their services.

    We implement the marketing system in the HubSpot Starter CRM Suite and hand it over to customers ready or even operate it.

  • What is the guarantee that the marketing system will bring results?

    All marketing channels and formats we use are guaranteed to bring in new costumer opportinities. The question is always how much. And this depends on several factors, such as the fees and the quality of the services, the client's brand awarenes and so on.

  • What software will be needed during the cooperation and what will the client have to pay?

    HubSpot Starter CRM Suite ($50/month for 1,000 contacts in the database)

    MeetEdgar ($50/month) social marketing

  • What if we have our own software that works?
    In this case, we examine whether the given software will be suitable for the implementation of the marketing system. If so, we will use them.
  • How is settlement done?
    From the conclusion of the contract, or more precisely from the cooperation, we invoice every 30 days for the past period, or the day after the confirmation of the case-by-case order and performance.

    The manufacturers of the software used in the project invoice directly to the company, starting from the day the service is used, on a monthly basis.
  • "What if I want to terminate the contract?"
    We are flexible. If you want to cancel the contract at any time during our cooperation, you can do so. We will invoice the fee for the month that has started and we will hand over all ongoing campaigns.

    In the case of the HubSpot Starter CRM Suite software, the monthly fee is also an annual commitment, so if you want to cancel the contract during the year, you must pay the fee for the remaining months.

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