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We are the Resend

Get to know the Resend team, our core values, our story and how we balance work and private life.

Remote work and family as a lifestyle

We at Resend do things a little differently. We are building a future that we want to live in.

Twelve people in four countries. Resend is a remote-first company based in Hungary. Our colleagues are also available to customers in Slovakia, Russia and Serbia.

Family comes first. Remote working is very convenient, but it also comes with responsibilities. At Resend, we all have families so for example, we know very well what it means to have a sick child. For us, family comes first, but it doesn’t mean that the work won’t be completed. It only means that someone else is helping.

There is no “workplace”. For us, remote working not only means that we are not all in the same office but also that we might not be working from home. Our colleagues sometimes check-in from a tender and other times from a forest or a café. The important thing is the project, not where it’s done.

Trust comes first. Remote work comes with the confidence that the work will be done. We are all professionals who have been working in the industry for over 10 years, so there is no need for micro-management. Of course, we also have meetings but no more than one a day. 🙂

The Resend-story

In 2019, a small team came together, where everyone was passionate about e-mail marketing. We all had our own businesses but Resend became the common goal we wanted to achieve.

We soon became the first agency in Hungary to have MailerLite certification and from then on, the business started. Partners helping our work include companies such as MailerLite, Litmus, Chamaileon and Amazon.

Remote work and family come first, as well as transparency and strong professionalism – these have guided us from the first minute. We look up to companies like MailerLite, Basecamp, Doist or Buffer. We believe that these companies are building a better future that we want to be a part of.

Simplicity, professionalism and transparency

For us, simplicity means things shouldn’t be complicated. Life is complicated, so it needs to be simplified wherever possible. Naturally, this principle must also be present everywhere in our professional life from communication to work processes.

For us, professionalism begins with the use of professional software. All of our software partners are constantly training us, and we pass on the knowledge gained to our clients. E-mail marketing is a rapidly changing industry and we aim to discover every aspect of it.

Transparency is part of our everyday lives. Our internal communication is asynchronous, which means that we minimise chatting and phone calls so we can create quality work. Our costumer communication is also simple and transparent. We educate with transparency.

Get to know your team!

The founding team of the Resend Agency


Skrionya Barbara

Barbi is a strong marketing strategist. She has worked on digital marketing projects for several international companies from development to campaigning.


Renáta Soóky

Reni is the one who has the best insight into complex problems and comes up with simple solutions. SME is her specialty and e-mail marketing is her love.


Bischof Gabriella

Maria is our representative in Serbia. She mostly worked in publishing, for several large companies. She loves multi-cultural life and is living between America, Hungary and Serbia.


Antunovic Marija

Maria is our representative in Serbia. She mostly worked in publishing, for several large companies. She loves multi-cultural life and is living between America, Hungary and Serbia.


Gubin Maxim

Max is our representative in Russia. He has many years of digital marketing experience, is an excellent strategist and a good professional. He has participated in several European marketing campaigns.


Damjanovich Nebojsa

Nebojsa is the founder of Resend Agency, a veteran of the online marketing profession. In 2013, he published his first book, E-mail Marketing. He has been consulting for over 20 years.

The Resend team is building a future that will be valuable to you too

The balance between remote working and family life and the pursuit of creating professional e-mail marketing forms a strong bond that your company can benefit from. We will be the partners for you that you can leave your business to.