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There are two ways to use our services. One is to outsource your e-mail marketing to us, where after pre-arranged services we manage your campaigns on a monthly basis. The other solution is to order a service without monthly collaboration.

Complete e-mail marketing outsource

  • Let us handle the DATA MIGRATION of your previously used marketing software!
  • Send us your LISTS!
  • Define the CONTENTS (text and image)!
  • If you’d like, we’ll write the TEXT!
  • We’ll suggest the E-MAIL DESIGN!
  • We’ll do all the necessary TESTS!
  • After SEGMENTING the lists and the TARGETS, we will SEND your newsletter out with our own software for the campaign you have approved.
  • You will receive a POST EVALUATION of the submitted campaign each time.

Individual services

  • DATA MIGRATION from one software to another (databases / lists, segmentation migration, custom field migration, form migration, rebuilding e-mail campaigns, rebuilding automations);
  • COPYWRITING. We handle E-MAIL DESIGN development along with testing.
  • We ORGANISE eDM CAMPAIGNS on an external database in all EU countries;
  • e-mail marketing CONSULTANCY and TRAINING; DELIVERABILITY settings and advice;
  • API DEVELOPMENT between our software and your database (CRM, MYSQL, ERP, webshop, etc.);
  • e-mail marketing AUDITING;
  • A/B testing of campaigns.

Ordering is simple

Write to us

After contacting us, we will send you our questions and we can discuss how we will work together.

Try it!

Request a 7-day trial period during which we will create and send out a newsletter to the address list you provide.

Send materials!

After signing the contract, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to send us materials.

Try it for FREE for 7 days!

Send us the content of the email (text and images), if you don’t have it, we will write it for you. We will prepare three sample newsletters, fine tune them and send them to the test email list you provided.